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Love Marriage Specialist

Love Marriage Specialist
Marriage Problem Specialist 
We might have heard many stories about love marriages in india. In ancient time due to castism and family status Love marriages were not so easy in India. due to increase in western culture in our country we have seen an increase in numbers of love marriages. This is because of the mind set change and  freedom given by society and change in  education level. But every one is still not happy with this feeling of getting married with their loved one. Many of them remain confused weather they will i have love or arranged marriage. we are a country of astrology and which is widely used before marriage to find health of married life. Marriage Prediction always have to answer of your question weather i have love marriage or arrange marriage. Marriage problem specialist astrology can help you in finding Marriage problem solution.

Usually, a person on age of marriage visit an astrologer then he or she have first question as when will I get married and  whether it will be a love or arranged marriage. The Vedic astrologer with study of the various planets and houses in kundli give prediction about marriage. There are some facts which planets and houses are responsible for love marriage or arrange marriage.

we have 12 Houses and 7th House is mainly studied for Marriage prediction. It is known as the house of relationship between two persons. In the case of a male horoscope, the upper house or powerful house of female gives marriage and vice-versa.

Love or Arranged Marriage

In the marriage horoscope, the 5th House is the House of Love and 7th House is the House of Marriage. In order that a love marriage takes place, there has to be some sort of a connection of the 5th House, 5th House Lord with the 7th House and 7th House Lord.

To check for love marriage, we need to study the 7th House and its Lord:

· The influence or positioning of planets like Venus, Mars or Moon over the 7th House would give you a marriage partner chosen by you.

· Suppose the Lord of the 7th House makes a relationship with the above planets, there are chances of you getting married to your lover.

· If the Lord of the 7th House is occupying the 1st,5th or 12th House, you would get married to someone known to you before marriage.

Next we need to study the planet Venus which signifies Love and Romance. We study association of Venus with Rahu, Moon, Mars, Lord of the ascendant, 5th, 7th and 12th House.

· If Venus is found positioned in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th House, you would be leaning towards love affairs and as per the combination of the planets have a love marriage also.

The next planet we study is the Moon as it is the Karaka of our mind. Our acting and thinking depends on the position in the various Houses.

· If Moon is found to be under the influence of the planets Venus or Mars, it gives interest in the opposite sex and could give marriage with your loved or adored person.

· If the Moon is positioned in the 5th , 7th or 12th House, then chances are that you would marry a partner of your own choice.

Second Marriage astrology

While studying second Marriage Prediction, if multiple planets especially Rahu are found occupying the 7th House, they give multiple relationships. According to astrology, remarriage is possible if the 9th House Lord is situated in the 7th House. There is indication of remarriage after divorce, if Mars and Venus are conjunct in the 7th House of the 9th House. Remarriage is possible if the Lord of the 7th House or the Lord of the 9th House is Vargattoma. The positioning of the Lord of the 7th House in a dual sign like Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces, it could give a second marriage. Also, one thing to be remembered here is the DashaAntardasha should be supportive to the second marriage astrology.

Delay in Marriage

Delay in marriage takes place if any malefic influence is found to the 7th House, the 7th House Lord and the planet Venus. The planet Jupiter holds control over marriage, wisdom and fortune. If Jupiter is found to be retrograde, combusted or debilitated, it causes delay in marriage. Mangal Dosha is also considered to be one of the reasons for delay in marriage. Malefic planets like Saturn and Ketu; if found occupying the 7th House could cause late marriage and detachment from the materialistic world.

Meet With  Marriage Problem Specialist For Marriage Remedies
Through us, your strong Love marriage problem specialist, provide marriage remedies to recover your love life and bring it back on track. Regardless of whether you are experiencing a genuine separation and need your partner back in your life, or you need an individual to have a similar feeling for you as you have for your partner. Pandit Vasudev Ji is so glad to offer you the best services You should simply get in touch with us and book for an arrangement in advance. We are so glad to help you generally with the best results. Various marriage remedies are available for love marriage problem solution, delay in marriage, to stop divorce etc. These could be in the form of rituals, pujas, fasts, chanting or mantra, wearing various kinds of gemstones as advised by marriage problem specialist expert astrologer.


In today’s modern and materialistic world, it is difficult to find true love and a genuine person. Very few are the fortunate individual to find true love in life. Pandit Vasudev Ji is the renowned astrologer who favour the love relation union and put efforts to resolve all love related issues


Marriage is something changes the lives of individuals totally and ties them with new responsibilities. It ought to be finished with legitimate ceremonies and different traditions, to invite bliss to love bird’s couples. Love marriage expert has a lot of different manners by which the first is learning, the second is understanding, and the third is ability, and so on. A wide range of issues and issues in strife rising whenever set up between two individuals in love or the perspective of adoration. It ought to be finished with appropriate ceremonies and different traditions, to provide satisfaction to love bird’s couples. In the event that you are experiencing any issue like love issue or profession issues or business issues or spouse wife issue or some other kind of issue then you can contact with us with no qualms. You will get direction and help with your concern issue. His Work and Efforts in the field of astrology has been appreciated for effective result.

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