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Love Marriage Problem Solution

Marriage Problem Solution by Astrology
Marriage problems can starts before marriage and after marriage. Sole marriage problems occurs before marriage due to inter caste love marriage. In this case any his/her family is not ready to give their blessings to kids. On the other hand second issues starts after marriage between Husband & Wife. This issues can be due to cheating of partner or can be due to his/her parents interference due to generation gap. Both of the issues create Husband Wife relationship problem or can lead to divorce and make your life hell. Pandit Ji is renowned marriage problem solution astrologer for providing Marriage Problems Solution by Astrology Expert. By study of birth charts of Husband & wife Marriage Astrology Experts helps to learn How to fix Marriage problem solution by astrology. Solutions Available for Marriage Problems are described below.

How to Fix Marriage Problem Solution By Astrology
In the Above section we had discussed about problems which are common. and now we discuss how marriage relationship problems solution by astrology is possible. In our vedic time matching of kundli was done to check the compatibility of relationship. With passages of time we are going away from our rituals. Where in Love marriage we don`t bother about our starts and kundali. Kundali milaan is done by Expert Marriage astrologer then you can solve this issue prior to marriage. Due to influence of love sometimes we don`t believe in this Match making and face issue after marriage. But don`t worry if you are facing such marital issues then marriage problem solution astrology help you to solve relationship issues in marriage. Relationship problems can caused by following problems:-


Parents disapproval for Marriage
Influence of Family of one Partner
Extra Marital Husband Wife Issues
Marital Problems By Financial Issues.
Lack of Satisfaction between Husband & wife
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